CCPS & US-based SR21 Jointly Sponsor 2013 Assembly on Energy Cooperation and Security





On June 20 and 21, the 2013 Assembly on Energy Cooperation and Security, which was jointly sponsored by CCPS and US-based Strategic Renaissance 21, was held in CCPS. Executive Vice President Li Jingtian and SR21 Chairman Bobby Inman attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Vice President Zhang Boli presided over the opening ceremony and made remarks on the closing ceremony; School Board member and Director of the Training Department Luo Zongyi attended the opening ceremony and presided over the closing ceremony.


Executive Vice President Li Jingtian acknowledged the positive implications of the Assembly. He said that the strategic and historic meeting between the leaders of China and the US pointed out the direction for the two countries to establish a new type of relationship between major countries, and that the mission of the Assembly was to advance the achievements made between the two leaders by discussing and exploring how to strengthen Sino-US energy cooperation. He said that energy is the blood for modern economic and social development. As two major countries in energy production and consumption, China and the US share common interests and responsibilities in safeguarding global energy security and developing clean energy, and that at the same time, both are faced with the same challenges. At present, both China and the US are implementing their respective energy development program and making long-term energy development strategy, Zhang said. He noted that the Assembly would allow Chinese and US participants to explore how to strengthen Sino-US energy cooperation in areas such as developing clean energy, safeguarding energy security and improving energy efficiency, which would be significant. 


At the closing ceremony, Vice President Zhang Boli spoke highly of the achievements of the Assembly. He said that through the in-depth discussion and candid exchanges, the Assembly clarified the global energy order at present and predicted its growth trend in the future, discussed the potential approaches to resolving the issues related to international energy structure, looked at the prospect of Sino-US energy cooperation and discussed potential paths to achieving such cooperation. Zhang said the Assembly made significant achievements and played a positive role in promoting Sino-US energy cooperation and exchanges.


The theme of the Assembly is “energy cooperation and security.” The participants made profound exchanges on new energy development, the shale gas revolution in the US, current international energy structure and Sino-US strategic energy cooperation, etc. and achieved many consensuses. Over 70 experts and scholars from both China and the US, including scholars and experts from the Economics Department and International Strategic Research Institute of CCPS, trainees of the Training Department of CCPS, and experts from State Energy Administration and Beijing University, etc. participated in the Assembly.


Before the opening ceremony, Executive Vice President Li Jingtian met with SR21 delegation led by SR21 Chairman Bobby Inman. The two sides exchanged on further cooperation in the future. Vice President Zhang Boli, School Board member and Director of Training Department Luo Zongyi participated in the meeting. Director of the General Office Zhang Zhongjun, Director of International Strategic Research Institute Han Baojiang, Vice Director of International Strategic Research Institute Zhou Tianyong and Foreign Affairs Office Chief Li Dewei participated in the meeting and the Assembly.


2013 Assembly on Energy Cooperation and Security

Chairman’s Message

Thank you for participating in Strategic Renaissance 21’s 2013 conference, organized in conjunction with the CPC Central Committee Party School in Beijing. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the time you took to join us and for your willingness to engage in such an important dialogue.  

Our meeting couldn’t have occurred at a more critical time. While our economic interdependence rapidly grows, the relationship between China and the West continues to be fluid. Recent meetings by our leaders indicate a tangible willingness for increased cooperation.

Although we already share many important principles, there are still a number of areas where consensus does not exist. These dialogues, initiated by the Chinese, are intended to bring together experts and problem solvers on both sides to debate and drive towards solutions when possible and clear lines for competition when not.

Throughout the conference, I was encouraged by the willingness of both delegations to increase cooperation on the topic of energy. We discovered a number of areas for focus and intend to initiate key working groups with the intent to find common solutions, including: increased clarity for regulation, greater sharing of technology and intellectual property, and fairer access to investment opportunities.    

Like similar great state relationships of the past, we recognize the value and need for increased communication between business leaders and policy makers and are pleased by the solid commitment from the Central Committee Party School to facilitate such dialogues.    


-  Admiral Bob Inman (Ret.)

Schedule of Events


Welcome Dinner with Executive Vice President Li


Session 1

Topic 1: New Energy in China

Topic 2: Shale Gas in the U.S.


Session 2

Topic 3: International Energy Order

Topic 4: China-US Energy Strategic Cooperation


Buffet Luncheon and Campus Walk at leisure

Breakout Groups

Group 1 International Energy Order
Group 2 Evolution of Energy Technologies and Business Models
Group 3  China – U.S. Energy Strategic Cooperation

Session 3

Summary and Report from each Breakout Group

Closing Ceremony