Pacific Asia & America


SR21 will facilitate dialogue between political, academic, institutional and social organizations; center to this will be encouraging and facilitating Chinese senior officials of governance, society and entrepreneurs in China with a constructive cross-section of key institutions and policy makers in the United States.  Through this unique relationship, SR21 will be central to engaging cooperation and discussion with leaders that will lay the groundwork for cooperation.


SR21 will support academic research on issues of mutual cooperation, especially between the United States, China, Japan and Southeast Asia.  Such areas will include energy, religion/culture, defense, narcotics control, technology development, maritime law, trade, healthcare, manufacturing, education and others.  SR21 will also seek to facilitate dialogue on issues where cooperation might not exist, but where clear lines of competition could breed a stronger relationship between the nations of the region. 


SR21 will give specialized priority to dialogue and stability in relations with China, and others in the region that engage China.  China is, and has been for at least a century, a global network with impressive entrepreneurial wherewithal.  “Connected” by culture and language, and further enabled by the advancing tools of global communication, the global Chinese community retains an identity that challenges the definition of transnationalism recognized by the West.


While many world-transforming events and trends are well documented and receive considerable attention, the evolving engine of China’s communication structure (transportation and information) is on a stunning growth trajectory.  China’s governance has also undertaken a quiet revolution, transforming transportation, logistics and urban infrastructure in ways that will maintain its economic growth and propel its geostrategic influence throughout Asia and the world.  It will use modern technologies to connect markets and consumers to goods and labor with an efficiency angled to allow China’s economy to achieve yet higher heights.


Facing the 21st century, China is quickening its steps in restructuring industry and establishing its modern industrial system as fast as it can to suit the development of its socialist market economy. The ambition is high, the tasks are arduous, and the business opportunities are many and varied.


SR21 will hold a series of events around the country with smaller activities in various regions in the US and an annual national meeting in a desirable location.  Additionally, opportunities to participate in trips to Asia and in dialogues with key individuals on both sides of the Pacific will be regularly available.